Gramin Vikas Sansthan

Targeted Intervention Project


Reduction in incidences of HIV/AIDS amongst population with high-risk behavior, so as to reduce morbidity, mortality and impact of epidemic in District Rae Bareli


  • 60% of FSWs/MSMs population in District Rae Bareli will have accurate information on STD/HIV/AIDS within the period of one year through Behavior Change Communication
  • 100% of FSWs/MSMs population in District Rae Bareli will have received quality STI care through SCM approach
  • 50% of FSWs/MSMs population in District Rae Bareli will use condom correctly and consistently
  • 60% of external stakeholders will be involved in project activities during the first year of the project through regular interaction

Project Area

Block Bachhrawan, Mahrajganj and Rae Bareli City

Target Group

500 FSWs, TG 50 and 100 MSMs

Project Staff

13 (PD, PM, Counselor, M&E/Accountant, Outreach Worker and Peer Educator)

Project Tools

Behaviour change communication, condom promotion, sexually transmitted infection care, community mobilisation and enabiling environment

Expected outcomes

Through project implementation we will get the outputs i.e. knowledge of protective use of condom, skill in condom use, availability of condom increased, accessibility and affordability of condom, consistent condom usage in all sexual encounters, knowledge level on STDs, treatment seeking behavior increased, myths and misconceptions on STDs, quality STD care, collectivisation sustained and strengthened, bridge population participation increased, enabling environment ensured, etc.