Gramin Vikas Sansthan

Mother's Milk Only, As Long As Possible

With Sita, from village Bhausi, it is a problem of plenty. She insists she will only brestfeed her child as long as she is lactating. She says, "I always give my children only my milk for two years." She has three children. Her youngest is 9 months old. It is true that all her children look very healthy. Contradicting herself Sita again said, "After one year my milk becomes a little less. The children then have some tidbits here and there, but their main diet is my milk."

Sita's family is quite prosperous. They have five bighas of land, where they not only grow enough food to last all year, but also sell a surplus.

Sita's nine-month old child is almost exclusively breastfed. She has not introduced any complementary food, which Sudha, the VHW, recommends. Somewhat adamant, Sita says she will feed the child her milk alone till it is two years old. Till then the child will have a bit of this and that from its parents' plates. But Sita will feed him solids or semi-solids only after two years.

As for the bulgar she receives at CRS' food distribution center, she makes porridge with it. The whole family then has it for breakfast.