Gramin Vikas Sansthan

Awareness and Sense of Service Saved Life

Anjani Mishra is a poor man residing in Sarai Chhatradhari gram panchayat of Shivgarh block in Rae Barely district. One day his pregnant wife Susheela started to bleed profusely, this scared her entire family. Anjani in order to seek help he immediately informed the village pradhan. The village pradhan rang up ASHA, and took Susheela to the community health centre, Shivgarh. There the Staff nurse told them of the critical condition of Susheela and advised them to go to Bachhrawan. The doctors over there again referred her to the district hospital Rae Barely. Anjani got nervous because of the condition, but pradhan helped him by taking them to the district hospital, there the doctors informed them of the serious condition and told them lots of blood has been lost and an immediate operation was needed.

Somehow Susheela saved through the operation but her child could not be saved. Blood loss deteriorated her condition. Only after the injection of two units of blood her life was saved. Village pradhan gave Anjani Rs 500 from the committee fund to look after her wife Susheela.

Village pradhan was hurt by this incident and grieved that child could not be saved. Now the husbands of pregnant wife’s are called in committee meeting and are instructed of the eating habits and symptoms of pregnant women. Regular visits are also made to the homes of pregnant women. Along with this, couples are advised to go to district hospital without wasting time in case of emergencies, so as the situation could be controlled.

Thus the Sure Start Project is instilling in the people a sense of service and making them aware.