Gramin Vikas Sansthan

Case of Gudia

A 14 year old girl Gudia was living with her father who was very old. She did not have the mother. She was working as a maid at an affluent person's residence for her livelihood. As she was beautiful, her employer and his son used to harass her sexually. Whenever she protested, they threatened her and her father on their life. In the meantime she became pregnant. Her employer started harassing her for abortion. Helpless Gudia had no option but to accept the physical and mental torture as there was no one to support her.

One day a peer educator Poonam Bano met Gudia and she told her that she will definitely help her through a programme on which she is working along with good persons; only thing Gudia had to do was to attend all the meetings. Gudia accepted it and started coming to the hotspot meetings of the targeted intervention project that were taking place in Ambedkar Nagar of Rae Barely district.

Poonam knew an unmarried poor rickshaw driver who needed a wife but because of his poverty he was not getting engaged. When she told him the story of Gudia, he readily accepted the proposal to make her his wife.

Poonam fixed their meeting before the members of crisis management committee. With mutual concurrence of all the committee members, proposal of court marriage was put before them, which was readily accepted by both of them and they got married and Gudia started living with her husband and father. Her employer was also made to understand by the committee members that he would not be harassing Gudia again.

Today Gudia is living happily with her husband as a model wife and serving her father as well. Also she has also got the person to look after her child.